Thursday, July 24, 2008

Patricia Whitty

Been thinking of my friend and Mentor, Patricia Whitty. Look her up on line...a fabulous photo realist in museum collections and public works mostly in the New Orleans area but also all over the US. She died Tuesday the 15th of July of brain cancer. She gave her fame, prestige and teaching talent to Taylor Gallery, my gallery in Slidell, and 'classed' us up enough to be recognized by the New Orleans critics as a respected gallery in a little podunk town. Amazing in that area. She was such a lovely generous and supurbly talented artist and taught me so much. She will be greatly missed.

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Elayne Kuehler said...

I first saw Patricia Whitty's work at the LASM in Baton Rouge. She was one of five in a show of Realism. I am awed, amazed and a great admirer of her beautiful works. I did not have the pleasure of ever meeting her and will always be very sad because of that. Her work is such a treasure.

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