Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New painting progression

This is one of 2 paintings I started on Sunday.
I drew it out on Bristol 5ply plate and then realized
while taping it to the board, that I had drawn it on the wrong side of the paper! The back side is
a little more absorbant and not quite as slick so I will see how it goes.
It's watercolor and gouache. I may use some of my fluid acrylics too. We'll see. When I get some color on the second one I will post it as well. I like to have two paintings going at the same time so I
can let one dry properly while working on the other. This keeps me from impatiently painting when I shouldn't be.
I am waiting for the bad part of tropical storm Edouard to hit
and hoping the power doesn't go out so I can
continue painting on this today.

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