Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apple of my eye

this is from a Saturday model session


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lovely, graceful figure! I'm slightly envious; so wonderful to work from a live model!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Thanks Peggy! She is a beautiful model in reality, a dance student. I do feel lucky to have several model sessions a week that I can attend. You should start one in your area if you have some artist friends who would chip in for the model fee.

Nick said...

don't you just love making those big brushstrokes?!

layers said...

this brings back memories of the years I went to drawing from the model sessions-- very nicely drawn.

Charles Pompilius said...

Hello Tonya,
Thanks for joining my blog. I enjoyed looking at your lively paintings. Stay in the studio and away from those cliffs!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Hey Nick, sorry, I don't know how I missed these last three comments! Thanks for visiting, Yes, I love making big brush strokes!

Hi Donna, nice to see you, I was actually looking at some of your archived work on the net today. I would love to see some watercolors from your "watercolor days", are there any on the web anywhere? Have only found your mixed media abstracts.

Welcome Charles, nice to see you thanks for coming! I enjoyed your blog. Don't worry, I get queasy every time I just look at those photos! LOL!

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