Friday, February 26, 2010

Go BIG or go home?

I'm thinking this still needs work.  What are your thoughts?  This is 36"X48" gallery wrapped canvas.
I went with a little more structure instead of the atmospheric color fields without boundries I've been leaning toward.

This is the step before


Caio Fernandes said...

i like this work .
sure that would be very stupid for me to say if you should stop or keep going.... you know where you want to arrive .
but this is a wonderful painting anyway .

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Thanks Caio! Good point... of course I never said I would execute the suggestions but I would still like to hear them. Maybe I was feeling a little lazy. LOL! Always good to hear from you!

Nick said...

Funny title to this entry!
Well...since you ask, I prefer the less-structured/delineated ones, but I wouldn't be surprised to find 50% of those polled prefer this. As Caio might be saying, I wonder, when an artist is as good as you are, if it's dangerous to ask opinions on a work in progress...would hate to influence an artist in the heat of battle, the very moment when your own intution is at its most critical....and vulnerable. But since you did ask....:)

-Don said...

I'm one of the 50% Nick was talking about.


Stan Kurth said...

Hi Tonya,

I say you decide. I say you are done with turning in work and having it graded. Your work is superb. You'll get your feedback from jurors and collectors! I'm in a critique group and I find by the time I show them anything I've done it is really at a point that I know I'm not going to change anything. It is fun to get together with them and talk art though. Quite often they don't find anything that they would change. Bingo! I also have this crazy thinking that if someone makes a suggestion and I change the painting because of it, then I don't feel it's mine. IMHO

Atul Pande said...

Tonya: I agree with Stan. However you like it is the way it is meant to be. For what it is worth, I love it as it is!

Jeb said...

Going BIG is the way to go! I think it looks great! Glad you liked the shrimp and grits. It's hard to go wrong when you cook the grits with heavy cream, 2 bouillon cubes, and cheddar cheese. The roux is the kicker though.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Hey Nick, thanks for your two cents! I like the non structured ones too mostly because I don't feel like I have seen anything like them when I am finished.

Hi Don, structure seems easier to work with and manipulate but I always have the feeling I have seen that composition before when I get into them. Thanks for your vote.

Thanks Stan, sounds like good advise. I guess I thought it would be fun to throw this one out to the wolves since I don't really have that much invested in it emotionally. It is a painting to go along with the colors of our newly remodeled bedroom.

Nice to see you Atul! Thanks for weighing in. Glad you like it.

Jeb, thanks for stopping by. I do like to work big but my studio is pretty small and packed with a lifetime of stuff so it's like shuffling one of those little plastic number puzzles! LOL!
That is one stellar recipe and I hope anyone interested in a great dish of shrimp and cheesy grits will check out your blog and try the recipe for themselves. It's a few pages back but worth the search.

Frank P. Ordaz said...

I think the colors look outstanding .. love it !!!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Thanks so much Frank! Glad to see you here!

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