Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some of the pieces in my current show.

Youth and Beauty 14X18 Gouache and collage on paper. (sold)

30X24 Mixed Media on Yes Canvas

Red Muse 22X30 Mixed Media on Paper (sold)

Girl in the Window  30X22 Mixed Media on Paper (sold)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya, These are WONDERFUL! "Youth and Beauty" certainly caught my attention and I find all of them intriguing. I've been sort of low key about blogging and haven't been around for awhile. I had fun catching up on your latest posts. Congratulations on the show!

Maggie Ruley said...

you have been hard at work and it shows. lovely pieces. Congrats

Micros said...

Hello Tonya

I like the variety of methods used to achieve emotion. Finding solace and beauty.

The clear use of light and pattern building adds flavor.

Good work!


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Tonya,
Very nice work. Hope all goes well for you and you keep on posting.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Thanks Peggy, I still need to get your Link straightened out on my blog.

Maggie, Thanks, always a pleasure to see you here and to visit your happy and colorful blog.

I appreciate your comments Micros. I guess I do use several different methods but I try to keep in mind my basic goal of creating depth of interest in the surface of the painting and trying to balance the representational with abstraction. Above all else to keep the fun and excitement in painting so I don't bore myself to death.

Thanks Gary, I appreciate your stopping by.

Nick said...

Lots of new exciting work, Tonya...I love the Girl in Window!!! I hope life in Bahrain is good, and you are well. Sorry not to make it around the cyber-neighborhood much anymore, most of my online art stuff is on Facebook now. Seems it all moved there, so no choice.

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