Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5th and 6th in the Souq Series

#5            Graffiti in the Souq
#6        Inshalla, Anything you want in the Souq 
This is the next two in the series.  I am framing and wrapping for pick up today.  This has been a fun
series to do because I had my work cut out for me with such a specific theme yet there is so much material to work from.  I have taken hundreds of photos in the Souq and it is hard to paint them all when there are so many other things I want to paint.  It gave me something creative to do with my photos.  My Bahrain friend Hesa who is curating the show has been writing words for me in Arabic
so that I can copy them onto my paintings and prints.  This word "Inshalla" in #6  means "God Willing" which is used here very frequently.  It's kind of funny because they say  that if someone
uses "inshalla" three times or more in promising you something, then the chances are it's not going to happen.  i.e. "Inshalla, someone will be there tomorrow to install your cable inshalla. By 9:30 Inshalla."
Pretty much means no one is coming tomorrow and if they do they won't be there till 4:00.  You might
get your cable by the end of next week... Inshalla.  ;-)
  Another interesting thing about the alphabet is that spelling is not important as its all about the sounds that the symbols represent.  Words and phrases can be written out as they would sound in English or it can be written in the Arabic word.  So this word I have written in #6 is actually the Arabic word Inshalla and not the English phrase we would say, God willing.  The fun thing is that if you know the Arabic alphabet and the sounds the symbols stand for, you can read signs that are translations of English words by sounding out the symbols such as in brand names etc.
# 5 is one of my favorites so far  as the graffiti in the souq is very creative and fun.  I took a small portion of what was drawn on this wall and re drew it in the upper part of the plate before I printed it.
The Akua color inks are very thin compared to the Akua Intaglio inks and can be used like watercolor paint to make details with a brush or pen.  The Akua Color is what I used to draw the woman. 
  There are 11 prints in all that I have done for the show so maybe a couple of more tomorrow... Inshalla.  
  The Show will be up in the BAB building from the 14th of March until the 21st.  The special
market with Arts and crafts will be open Thursday through Saturday from 4:30 until 10. Music, Food, Workshops, etc. all kinds of fun stuff every weekend in march.  Hope to see you there!

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