Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday I painted with The Woodlands Art league at a "pumpkin patch" that the Methodist church had set up in their courtyard. It was quite inspiring. Here is what I started and the photo of what I was painting from. I met a new friend at the Market Street show, Kim Carlton, who told me about the paintouts and invited me to join. It was really fun and there are some very good painters that participate. I think I will probably learn some things!

Kim and some of the others work in oils in an ala prima style which is something I would love to learn to do. I just ordered the Richard Schmidt book, 'Ala Prima, Everything I know about painting', which just came out in paperback. The hard back version is 75 dollars and this new version is much more afordable. I love his work and am excited to get the book.
I have worked in oils a lot but have done the old master's technique of transparent glazing that I learned from Patricia Whitty. It is a very beautiful technique and I do like the result but it is very labor intensive and time consuming and I think it would be fun to finish a painting in a sitting so that you could travel and do oil instead of just watercolor.

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