Friday, June 22, 2007

trying to catch up and upload photos again!

Remember this painting? I finally finished it in April according to the date on my photo! I spent some time modifying the values and center of interest after discussing John Salminen's approach to abstract watercolors with my friend and fellow artist Diane St. Germaine

I am still working on the Pavillion portraits but the weather has not cooperated very much this year. The wall is in full weather and sun so when it is wet or too hot or too windy, I can't paint. I am now also in the process of trying to preserve the previous artist's work, as it is deteriorating very quickly. I am experimenting with painting over each fading portrait with a coat of outdoor acrylic varnish, in hopes of just stopping them where they are until I can get to each one and restore the colors.
I have more finished paintings but can't locate the photos on the computer at the moment. More later! Cheers, Tonya

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