Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mondays efforts

It's been fun getting back to oils in the Monday paint group. We had a wonderful model who will be sitting for 3 Mondays in a row so that we can do a finished painting completely from life.  I missed the first session and started this in the second session and will try to finish it next week in the last session.  I had a good start with my charcoal drawing and then laid in my value patterns with a thinned dark and all was well. Then as usual I got in a hurry as time was running short and rushed my colors trying to get everything blocked in.  When I got home I scraped everything off with my pallet knife to have a fresh smooth surface to start again next week.  This is what was underneath.  I chose to crop his head to divide my negative shapes and make them more interesting. This is something I picked up from studying with Polly Hammett.

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