Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesdays work

This is one of the "Hometown Heros" from this past year.  It's acrylic on plywood prepared with gesso. I didn't finish his shirt yet because part of it is on another board that is usually installed next to this one and I want the paint to match on both sides.
   Hurricane Ike destroying the huge tent like cover over the Mitchell Pavilion which is now being repaired.  During the remodeling the 8 mural boards were removed to make way for the heavy equipment passage.  This is such a wonderful opportunity for me because I now get to bring the boards home to my studio and actually work inside to paint and restore them!  I have three now and have spent quite a bit of time mostly cleaning and resealing them and am now getting down to the fun part of getting caught up on the portraits.  Fortunately the boards were not damaged in the hurricane but the elements have taken their toll on the acrylic paint over the years.  I have until May to restore them before they have to be reinstalled.  Okay, back to work!


Dianne said...

Hi Tonya,
I have enjoyed having look at your blog and your lovely portraits. Did you say you are living in Nigeria at the moment? You mention not knowing how to answer comments, go into your settings to allow email notification of comments. Then you just answer here and I will receive your answer via email.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Thanks so much Dianne, you have been so helpful! I was in Nigeria from 99 to 2003. I am in Texas now.
I think my problem with trying to answer comments was that I was not signed in to my blog. thanks again for all your help with the slide show etc. I will work on it. Cheers, Tonya

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