Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday's Efforts

This is another area of the "Patron's Courtyard" portrait mural.  I've been working on this family for the last two days. Not finished obviously and missing one of the subjects who is on another board. 
  The portraits are catagorized by the size of the head from chin to hairline.  These are quite a bit bigger than the Hometown hero portrait of Tuesday.  HTH portraits are 3" and these are actually 5" so they take longer to do. 
   I find painting portraits in acrylic very difficult because the paint is hard to blend so I have taken to putting layer over layer until it looks right.  I know there are blending mediums and slow drying mediums but since the portraits are so exposed to the elements I like to try to keep them as pure as possible in hopes they will last better. When they are finished I coat them with a sealer.

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