Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crow Stamps

I liked my crow photos that I put in my monotypes so much that I thought It might be interesting to have a stamp of them that I could include into an underpainting etc. in other works. They were fun to carve and very easy. I thought I would show them to you and the part of an underpainting in which I tried them out.  I may do a little more work on them as I see a few changes I would make.  I made a smaller version turned one way and then a larger version turned the other way.  I will probably make one with the profile image as well. These two images were printed by inking the stamp with acrylic paint.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Monotypes

The color must be off  on one of these as the paper used is exactly the same and same color.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pokrasso Class

Here are a couple of Mono types with Chine` Collage` that I learned how to do in the Ron Prokrasso Class I took last week.
Very interesting technique and new way (for me) to put images and paint to paper.
  I learned how to lay water compatible Akua intaglio inks onto an acrylic plate and run through a press with added collage pieces within the same printing process.
  Unfortunately, now I want a press.  Always something new out there to lust after.
  These two images were done from the same original plate.  The colors are much lighter after the first run through the press so then you take that "ghost " ink and rework it with more ink into another print.
  I have tried for a long time to get some good photos of crows but have only finally come up with these two images and one other that I also used in another print, on my phone camera. Go Figure!  Had to photo shop them just a bit and then sent them to my friend who printed them onto mulberry paper for me.  The tree image I printed myself on rice paper which crinkled up in my printer, thus the blank streaks which absolutely made the image work for me.  Talk about your happy accidents; Or as Pokrasso calls them "gifts".  Either way, works for me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride

As requested, here is a better view of the sculpture from the last post.  My sculpture instructor and Mentor Madeline Wiener would be ashamed at the condition of this piece but she was and still is a fabulous teacher and mentor.  She now conducts the Marble Marble workshops in Marble Colorado where students come from all over the country to work on a piece of pure white marble from the quary that most of the monuments in Washington come from.  What a great experience to carve stone in the woods in the mountains of Colorado!  There are other sculptors that join her in instruction and of course they are all stellar as well.  I actually had the pleasure of learning directly from her in her garage in Aurora Colorado. What a great teacher and such lovely person.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Personal Critic

Well, lest I get too comfortable or confident there is always
a critic to sit atop my artwork and offer his personal opinion.
LOL!  This is an old piece in alabaster that sits in my front yard. It's getting pretty sugary now. I can't believe all the hours I spent wet sanding a perfectly smooth shine on this at one time.
This is titled "If wishes were horses..."   I don't know the name of the critic.
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