Monday, June 20, 2011

Slow News Month in Bahrain?

Wow, this Magazine gave me a full page and mentioned my camel paintings on the cover!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Abstract in Progress

Mixed Media on Canvas  30"X40"
This is mixed media on Canvas.  Still working on it.  

Watercolor but not

Watermedia on Watercolor Canvas 24"X30"
I worked on this painting on the 'Yes Canvas' some more.  I also added some Thai News print in a transfer method( I learned on Junky Trinkets blog) in an attempt to bring an edge and mystery  to an otherwise traditional looking painting.

Here is a close up of some of the transfer.  This was a very large transfer and I wasn't sure it was going to work out for a while there. It was a lot of work removing the paper. I think it ads some interest in the details without taking away from the overall image.  Let me know what you think.
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