Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bahrain National Gallery AWA Show

 This is an annual show that is put on by the American Women's Association at the National Gallery of Bahrain.  The venue is a beautiful building with several gallery spaces.  What you see here is the main gallery.  In the first photo you can see my work just to the left of the center post and just above the little table sculpture.  This was such a huge event and very well attended over the course of the show.  There is a photo of the Minister of culture arriving who would normally be in traditional Thobe and headdress but donned western dress, I think in deference to the American Women's Association.  He had a bandaged right hand and even though he extended his "damaged" hand in a western manner.  Middle Eastern women don't shake hands so it is a difficult thing to try to  straddle both worlds. Should you be American and extend your hand or hold back and not?  This show was very well attended and this is the National gallery basically like the National gallery in Washington. The Kingdom of Bahrain is quite progressive in the Arts although they do cater mostly to ME Artists.  It is difficult for a non ME artist to get into the main galleries.

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