Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kyle finished

Don't know if you can see a difference but I did add quite a bit more as far as color and deepening the darks. Changed the background blue to a cooler shade to play off the warm lights in the face.  I also realized that the picture plane was divided almost exactly in half in the original version so I cropped it in the photograph.  Let me know your thoughts on that or anything else about it.  Again this is watercolor and gouache on 500 ply Bristol Plate and is  11X17 inches.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"My Own Personal Jesus"? Nope, just Kyle.

This is a painting I actually started in Grand Junction but originally drew out from a model session in Texas.  This guy and his wife were both great models and I really miss having access to them as subjects.  I loved his dread locks and beard which he has since cut short and shaved. What a shock that must have been!
  This is still in progress, and you may remember the beginning photo of it from several posts back.  It's watercolor and gouache on 11"X 20  Bristol Plate.  I love working on this surface and I particularly like the milky quality of the gouache.  This is a pretty simple painting I guess, but I was drawn to the great glow of light coming through the hair around his face etc.  Didn't want anyone to think I was slacking over here so thought I'd give a WIP update since I tend to skip around on several works while letting others stew a bit.
  Don't worry, more camels to come!  I just got some great new photos of some very personable camel pals.
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