Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pop Up Gallery In the BAB

 This is the "Pop Up Gallery" in the middle of the BAB Building where all the Monotypes I have been working on are now on Display.  I love the concept of this movable gallery.  It's very open and sits in the middle of the walk area and invites you to walk through in a way that a more conventional gallery space does not.  It's hard to photograph but it is shaped somewhat like a big spider.  You can just walk through or walk around inside to see the art.
  If you are in Bahrain come check out the BAB at the Souq.  Festivities are Thursdays thru Saturdays 4:30 -10:00 untill the end of March

The sign you see is the info about me and the work. The red lettering
is the logo for the BAB renewal fest (its in Arabic)

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